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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 12 Feb 10

Stopped smoking Sept last year and gained a stone

Is it true you burn around 200 calories a day when you smoke? Any tips that will help me to lose weight? I know I haven't been eating excessively despite the weight gain!

Our expert says...

Yes I’m afraid it is true that smoking can be equivalent in terms of its effect on your weight / metabolism to having 200 fewer calories per day. Your body will readjust over time though and with a careful diet most people will eventually lose most of  weight they gain as a result of stopping smoking. It’s always worth bearing in mind that the health risk associated with carrying a few extra pounds are far, far less than those associated with smoking!


The only thing to do is stay strong and pat you on the back for staying ff the cigarettes. In my experience if you were already losing pounds before you quit you should stabilize out again and start losing again in a month or two, which will be around 6 months since you stopped. To help the process, and if it doesn’t make you too hungry, you could go down to 1200 calories for a while. Upping your exercise, especially weights and other forms of resistance exercise is also sure to help. Good luck!

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