Planning, planning, planning

Steve Marshall | 26 Mar, 2016

I have now settled into a routine where I do the cooking when I am at home (maybe three-quarters of the time), and where I eat in restaurants when I am away from home (that's the other quarter). I am fairly strict about my calories at home, but ease off a lot when I'm away. This means that I usually put on a kilo or two (or even more) when away, but lose it on my return.

That's OK in theory, but the worry has always been that I will not lose it on my return. It's for that reason that I decided a few months ago to try the trick of losing the weight before I leave home, so when I gain while away I can come back at a reasonable weight. This may seem like a lot of detail to go into, but I've blogged before about my keeping up 'constant vigilance', and that's what I have managed to do, and intend to carry on doing.

This lose-it-first trick is particularly difficult at present, and my planning is creaking a bit! My weight had gone up over Christmas, and I saw that I would be in Edinburgh for five days at the end of February, so I was strict in the weeks leading up to that trip - nothing like strict enough, as it turned out, but not a disaster. Then I knew that I would be away for the two weekends in the middle of March, and a whole week at the end of March. Today I am just what I reckon my 'right weight' is, so I need to get down a fair bit before the end of March.

But then the trouble starts! I have just a week back at home, then two more weekends away followed, just a week later, by - a CRUISE!! There must be people who can go on a cruise and come back the same weight as when they left, but I am pretty sure I am not one of them, however much I have got better at making so-called 'sensible choices'.

There's no way round this - the only thing to do is be super-careful when I am at home. But I have a bad feeling that the scales will not be giving me good news when I waddle into the bathroom on our return home!

Steve lost a massive 10st with Nutracheck. He now regularly writes about how he maintains his weight loss.