New clothes

Steve Marshall | 26 Jun, 2015

As I lost weight all of my clothes got looser and looser until, after a few months, I couldn't wear them anymore. I bought one or two smaller things, but not too many, because I was determined that the weight loss would continue. Then those smaller clothes also became unwearable. So I bought another couple of things. You get the idea. When I hit maintenance my entire wardrobe comprised two pairs of trousers, three T-shirts, five pairs of underpants and four pairs of socks, and all of those - even the socks - were too loose! So Ann and I had been planning to go out shopping for a day, to buy me a whole new wardrobe, and yesterday was the day!

We went to the huge Marks and Spencer near Bristol and, for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed shopping for clothes. We ended up with three pairs of shorts, three pairs of trousers and six shirts of various types. The trousers had a waist size of 38 inches, instead of the 54 inches I started off with. One of the shirts was 'fitted' - the first time I had ever bought such a thing. And, best of all, one of the shirts was not 4XL (my 'old size'), not even Large, but Medium.

There was also so much to choose from, which was a new experience, because when you have to go to a Big Man shop there is not much choice - all that matters is whether it fits. Clothes for big men also come in a limited range of colours, but yesterday I ended up with a bright yellow shirt, and also an orange one, which I'm wearing in the picture.

The only tiny drawback was that the day cost a fortune, but it was worth every penny!

Steve lost a massive 10st with Nutracheck. He now regularly writes about how he maintains his weight loss.