How to get your heart racing this Valentine’s Day

Emma Brown - Nutritionist | 11 Feb, 2020

The lead up to Valentine's Day is full of enticing offers for fancy 3 course meals, or expensive gifts of chocolates and wine. This year, rather than following the norm and organising something food focused with your loved one, why not break the mould and burn some calories instead!

We've put together some fun date activity ideas and how many calories you could burn doing each.

get your heart racing

Ice skating – 381 kcals per hour

Wrap up and hit the ice together to get your heart racing. You could burn around 381 kcals an hour!

get your heart racing

Bowling – 127 kcals per hour

Nothing like a bit of gentle competition to spark that loving feeling. Throwing that hefty ball at 10 pins could burn around 127 kcals an hour.

get your heart racing

Trampolining – 215 kcals per hour

We're all just big kids at heart, so why not let out your inner child and get jumping. Trampolining is very energetic and can burn around 215 kcals per hour.

get your heart racing

Roller skating – 381 kcals per hour

Look online for your local roller disco and get your tickets booked! Skating can be lots of fun, and can burn approximately 381 calories an hour.

get your heart racing

Wii Sports – 228 kcals per hour

Why not save your money and have a night in playing games together? Set a competition and the winner has to make dinner for the rest of the week! Playing the sports games on a Wii can burn over 200 calories per hour.

get your heart racing

Dancing – 222 kcals per hour

Hit the town and go dancing or why not book onto a dancing class together? Fun is guaranteed and you can burn over 200 calories per hour – more if you really work up a sweat!

Nutritionist Emma Brown (ANutr), MSc Human Nutrition is passionate about how food science applies to the human body, and how the nutrients in what we eat affect us and ultimately have an impact on our health.