6 ways to achieve your goals in 2020

Rachel Hartley | 09 Jan, 2020

There are some big diet trends this year – vegan, plant-based meals, keto to name a few. We've picked 6 to show you how the Nutracheck App can work with each. The App has loads of features that make it super flexible whichever eating plan you're following. Check out our tips on the best features to use.


Going Vegan

Whether it's just for January or for good, we've got thousands of UK products in our food database – including all the latest supermarket vegan ranges – just scan the barcode to add to your diary. If you're new to vegan eating, it's important to make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet.

App Tips

  • Check your protein intake vs a healthy target. Open the App and tap the white icon top right corner to see the bar chart.
  • Try the 'Higher Protein' nutrition goal. To set this target, open the App, tap the white icon top right and scroll down.

Plant Power

Eating more plant-based meals is a great way to add bulk and fibre to your diet without the calories. Plus you can't help but boost your 5-a-day! Which is no bad thing as only around half of us in the UK are hitting the target. You'll find loads of shop bought products in our food database, or you can create and save your own recipes in the App.

App Tips

  • The apple icon in your diary tracks 5-a-day – but it keeps on counting! Make 5 the minimum!
  • Use the bar chart to check you're hitting your daily 30g fibre target. Open the App and tap the white icon top right corner.
  • Use 'My Meals' and enter your recipes – we'll calculate nutritional value and 5-a-day count per serving.

Nutritionist advice: Some groups may be at risk of nutritional deficiencies by excluding particular foods from their diet. It may be advisable to take supplements to ensure you're getting enough of certain nutrients, for example vitamin B12, vitamin D, iodine, iron and zinc (especially vitamin B12 which is only available from animal food sources).


Keto Followers

Not an easy diet to follow as it requires cutting carbs to a very low level. However if this is your chosen approach, there is a setting within the Nutracheck App to let you set your own macro targets.

App Tips

  • For a less extreme and more manageable way to reduce carbs in your diet, use our 'Lower Carb' nutrient goal setting. Open the App, tap the white icon top right corner and scroll down.
  • To set your own macro targets, open the App, tap the white icon top right corner and scroll down to 'Set My Own Goal'.
fitness tracking

Fitness trackers

The Nutracheck App has over 1000 activities in our exercise database – just type in an activity to find the estimated calorie burn. However for a more accurate measure of your personal calorie burn, we recommend getting a fitness tracker. There are loads to choose from, and most will connect to Nutracheck. Just link to sync and the App tracks your exercise effortlessly!

Apple Watch users – keep track of your daily calories at a glance and add your most frequently eaten foods direct from your wrist.

App Tips

  • First link your device to Apple Health then Nutracheck will pull in your workout data and steps.
  • Then open the Nutracheck App, tap 'More' in the bottom menu bar and link your device (it's now even easier to check which devices you have linked with Nutracheck).

Get cooking!

If you're a fan of home delivery meal boxes, we've got Hello Fresh, Gousto and Simply Cook recipes in our food database. Or if you prefer to create a meal using your own ingredients, the Nutracheck App now has some time-saving features to help you enter it.

App Tips

  • Meal delivery box recipes – search the food database for the recipe you're making. If it's a new one, open the App and tap the blue menu button, then 'Quick Add' to enter the recipe name and calories per serving.
  • Tap 'My Meals' in the bottom menu bar to calorie count your favourite meals and recipes – the App suggests ingredients you might need for speed.
  • No need to add your own recipe, use one we made earlier! Go to 'My Meals' and check out our 'Sample Meals' - add a serving to your diary with just one tap.
fitness tracking

Share with a health pro

We know that some members are seeing a health professional to help with their diet. You can now share your diary with your doctor, dietetian, nutritionist or a personal trainer. Having someone to keep an eye on how you're doing and give you guidance is invaluable.

App Tips

  • To share or print your diary, open the App, tap the blue menu button – the options are here.
  • Write down how you feel each day in your diary by using the new Diary Notes.

Nutracheck co-founder Rachel Hartley, BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition is passionate about food and diet. Rachel's philosophy is providing accurate, up-to-date calorie information to help people make the right food choices.