5 ways the Nutracheck app can help you over Christmas

25 Nov, 2021

For many of us, Christmas – or rather the whole of December – is a month packed with parties, increased alcohol consumption and eating out. But there's no need to worry about how to keep your good intentions on track, the Nutracheck app has 5 great features which are ideal for helping you navigate your way through the festive season:

Feature 1 – Easier Days

Got a Christmas party coming up or just fancy a few more calories at the weekend? Easier Days is a really useful feature.

It helps by redistributing your calorie allowance over the week to give you more on your chosen days, meaning you have a higher target to play with for a meal or night out.

Where to find Easier Days:

  • In the app –Tap the blue button > 'Diary Preferences' > 'Easier Days'. Choose the days you want a higher calorie target, tap save.
  • On the website – Sign in and click on the 'Settings' link above your diary > Click 'Easier Days' and choose the days you want a higher calorie target > press 'Apply changes'.

Feature 2 – Set My Own

Over the festive period, you may wish to consider adjusting your calorie target to a slightly higher level. If your current goal is weight loss, we'd recommend less than your maintenance figure, but a bit higher than your weight loss target.

With Set My Own, the power is in your hands! You can override your calorie target and enter your own figure. A temporary increase allows you to be a bit more relaxed with your eating while still keeping things in check. Then once life returns to normal, change it back.

Where to find Set My Own:

  • In the app – Tap the blue menu button to the right of the search bar in your diary. Select 'Nutrient Goals' > 'Set My Own Goal'. Enter your preferred target, scroll down and tap 'Apply Changes'.
  • On the website – Sign in and click on the 'Settings' link above your diary > 'Set a nutrient goal' > 'Set My Own' goal. Click on the calorie target to override it with your own figure, press 'Apply changes'.

Feature 3 – Alcohol Trackers

The Christmas period also means more occasions to drink alcohol. When it comes to seasonal weight gain, it's often our increased alcohol consumption that does the damage!

If this is something you want to keep an eye on, the Nutracheck app has two alcohol trackers you can add to your diary. One counts units, and the other shows how many calories in your diary are coming from alcohol. Of course you may not want to know, but if you do, it might be an eye opener!

Where to find alcohol trackers:

  • In the app – Tap the blue menu button to the right of the search bar. Scroll down to 'Diary Preferences' > 'Diary Trackers' – make your selection.
  • On the website – The alcohol monitor for units is already visible in your diary.

Feature 4 – Eating Out

Going out for a Christmas meal but not sure how you're going to track it in your diary? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

The Nutracheck app contains the nutritional data for over 80 popular restaurants, fast food chains and coffee shops.

To see the full list:

  • In the app – Tap the blue menu button to the right of the search box > 'Eating Out'.
  • On the website – Go to your diary and look in the 'Add Food/Drink' panel on the left > 'Eating Out'.

Feature 5 – Wine, beer & cocktails

Not only have we got classic festive foods in the app, but we've also got your favourite tipples covered too. From fizz and spirits to draft beer and lager, you can check the calories by typing your search into our database. No excuses for not tracking – give it a try!